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CloudGenie has expertise in building customized inventive apps. We have successfully deployed various apps according to the requirements of our clients. We travel with you in your journey to conquer the world with entire range of solutions to turn your vision into reality.


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We assure you that we can transform every nook and corner of your business with latest and trending mobile applications. Our employees are very productive and are well connected to our customers. This collective effort makes our partners more successful. Our salesforce mobile apps help you in:

Field Operations
CloudGenie delivers the responsive mobile apps that make your field operations more productive. We also offer a continuous support to resolve your issues instantly and on the spot. Your sub offices in remote areas can also avail equal benefit and support from our expert professionals to manage the business. This helps in fulfilling orders on time and access warranties, attain information and track deliveries.
We lend a helping hand when you want to hire and retain the staff. You get a chance to enroll and engage the best and the brightest employees. We assure that your business cycle will not be disturbed because of non efficient employees. We stay with you throughout the process of recruitment including on boarding to training. Our professional and expert staff creates the mobile applications that in fact work like social HR apps and can boost employee engagement more effectively.
CloudGenie stands with you in accomplishing the intimidating task of running all your interconnected components very smoothly. To efficiently run the inventory, inspections and supply of your organization we provide the right set of applications that are accessible to every employee on any mobile device. Your organization can take the benefit of social collaboration through the additional apps for product management. The applications also help in increasing the productivity of your organization.

We design exciting applications to enhance your shopping experience. The customized applications are delivered at your door step for more personal shopping experience. We commit to provide very interesting and easy to access applications to engage your customers for an ultimate shopping experience. These custom applications are compatible with mobile phones, tablets and computers.

We also provide employee applications that help you create a complete record of customer information. This useful information is easily accessible and is in the hands of your team members. The customers don’t have to re enter their information every time they visit the store but they have the information ready. This also helps in building g strong ties with your customers.

To positively shift your project management to QA we offer services that automate the development process. The applications we create help the organizations to keep the track of progress and record the results at every stage of progress. The budding ideas regarding source and patent submission are successfully tracked. The helpdesk of your organization can have the supportive applications running on your computer the moment the work starts till you manually close it.
Life Sciences
Data and the maintenance of record about the previous inventions and researches is the back bone of life sciences. The applications that run on mobiles or other devices are very critical in the case of loife sciences. The applications should be compatible enough to handle the driving force of research and innovation. CloudGenie helps you to own the right applications for mobiles and other devices that can help researchers as well as healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals in particular can deliver their services efficiently with in stored patient information. With this patient care can be taken to a new level.

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