Salesforce Development

CloudGenie offers Salesforce Services with a creative and latest technology platform

CloudGenie’s development services incorporate a wide range of technologies, and follow industry-standard Salesforce practices. Our continuous focus on Salesforce fundamentals and strengths has resulted in a delivery team that is tough to break.


Sales Revenues


Lead Conversion


Customer Satisfaction


Faster Deployment

We help your create an everlasting relationship with your customers with latest CRM solutions. ClouGenie uses your own Salesforce data to constantly help your grow smarter and productive. We are the tie that binds you and your clients with the values that inspire all of us to work together. CloudGenie very effectively replaces the traditional desktop CRM with CRM in the cloud. We make CRM cloud services accessible anytime at any place as per your needs.

Employee productivity, team collaboration, customer relations and loyalty and sales are increased by using world’s best CRM platform. CloudGenie offers you the services that manage and transform your customer base. Our CRM platform will help your employees to communicate effectively and solve customer problems on time.

Customized To Suit Your Company’s Needs
The success journey of every company is different from another and no single plan can work for every company. CloudGenie assures to address the individual needs of your company and customize the progress plan to lead ahead. We understand that the market is changing demands and technologies every second. We offer the constant help in order to meet the challenges and ensure the stable progress.
Put the Power of Salesforce CRM Sales To Work For You
The use and utility of salesforce has increased immensely. With the use of latest salesforce CRM tools we get you get the chance to become a renowned and reliable organization. Your sales will be improved, the leads will be tracked and followed with efficiency and productivity and the bottom line will stably progress. The productive sales team with make you shine bright with best potential and will definitely make you reach your goals.
Service Cloud – Salesforce CRM Service
Your customer service can go to the next level by improving the socializing skills that helps you to empower your customers with all the possible capabilities. The social media is also efficiently exploited to assist the customers. The services are quick and help the customer transform the service network into an enterprise. CloudGenie offers excellent Salesforce CRM services customer services that are far more reliable than before. The market becomes more and more savvy and demanding and the expectations of customers as well as their clients are increasing every day. The software solutions should be efficient to meet the demands and ultimately succeed. CloudGenie provides the service Cloud and Salesforce CRM service provides the right tools.
Vigorous Customer Service
The most intuitive and practical methods for all cloud services is available today only with the help of our latest salesforce CRM tools. Our long lasting and effective solutions can benefit all business organizations irrespective of their size. The organizations should know the exact potential of the customer service and should access the latest tools available. Your sales have the direct link with your customer service and reputation. The streamlined, effective and reliable salesforce CRM tools can give you spectacular customer service capabilities. Your desire to be on the leading edge of customer service can be met by putting the Service Cloud to work for you and unleash the power of cloud computing at its best.
CRM Cloud Infrastructure

CloudGenie is committed to offer the successful CRM solutions that are used by the customer. Our customers rely on a proven, efficient and reliable infrastructure. The servers and software in a data center can be trusted and used according to the needs of our customers. We extend the continuous help for running their CRM applications. Our Salesforce CRM solutions work effectively because they have three characteristics:

  • High reliability

  • High and quick performance

  • High security

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