Salesforce Communities

CloudGenie creates a community platform

CloudGenie initiates the smooth and effective work culture of your organization. The constructive functioning of your organization needs collaboration between employees, clients, partners, suppliers and distributors. We create efficacious public as well as private communities that rope members directly and indirectly with each other through the praiseworthy and relevant data and business processes. Through Salesforce Communities CloudGenie creates a community platform that combines mobile participation and trusted security to increase the potential of your organization through the direct connection of business processes.


Sales Revenues


Lead Conversion


Customer Satisfaction


Faster Deployment

The need to create Salesforce Communities

We understand the expectations of customers to attain instant solution and quick information from computers as well as other mobile devices. The interaction with their favorite vendors to share their experiences with other customers and competitors is made very convenient. We achieve these goals we focus on building strong ties with our customers. We put unending efforts to comprehend rapidly-changing customer needs. Our expert team connects customers directly to their business processes.

Social collaboration and profound branding, reorganization and transformation are attained through Salesforce communities as they go past the typical portals. Communities also support mobile access while retaining enterprise security and data integration with business processes.

Communities supported by Salesforce

Salesforce communities offered by CloudGenie provides customer service communities that furnish functional collaboration, mobile access and constant and stable branding for all – small, medium and large size of organizations. Customers are fruitfully communicate with other customers, can find out the required information and are assisted to find out the solutions to their issues with the help of service representatives. Salesforce Communities offer quick and constructive help to resolve problems and enhance loyalty and engagement.

Salesforce Communities also help in successful partnership of sellers and suppliers These partner Communities improve the relationship within the organization and with other commuters. Partner communities enhance the management of companies where ties are strongly maintained by keeping lead and funding information private. CloudGenie enables cooperative selling and buying between partners, with increasing leads among engaged partners and decreased deal flow.

Attributes of Salesforce Communities

CloudGenie offers Salesforce Communities platform with the package of comprehensive capabilities along with integrated business processes. The package includes:

Integration of business:

Members of the organization can collaborate on support cases, enhance sales opportunities within the community.

Social Cooperation:

Members of the organization can interact and focus on the common goals and create groups to support their interests.


Organizations can design their community group to complement their brand, website look and feel. Content and layout is also customized.


Members can access the community from any device, from anyplace.

Social Intelligence:

Relevant and crisp content is provided along with the insight of resources to each member.

How can you own Salesforce Communities?
Salesforce Communities offer varied models that are based on community size. CloudGenie enables customers to purchase blocks of users measured on a member and/or login basis. Each community is purchased separately. The existing customers can avail the provision of communities as they are not required to make changes in their environment at no additional cost.

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