The revolutionary technology of the future.

Why to get Hyperledger?

Hyperledger is an open source Blockchain reference framework designed to benefit enterprise customers. Started in 2015, Hyperledger is a collaborative effort by The Linux Foundation and several other key industry partners. The key focus of this project is advance cross-industry Blockchain and distributed ledger system across sectors.

Scalable business connectivity creates trustable opportunities. Enterprise applications have need of privacy and confidence. It requires permissioned peer-to-peer Blockchain network. Hyperledger Fabric is a commonly used permissioned Blockchain network platform. One can implement different trustworthy business models using Hyperledger fabric. Other platforms include; Burrow, Iroha and Sawtooth.

Hyperledger composer is a Blockchain development tool predominantly used to speed up the application development on Hyperledger Fabric. Indy, Explorer and Cello are other tools.

How does Hyperledger ensured trust network?

  • Transparency
  • Longevity
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Security
  • Scalability

There are some of the qualities that Hyperledger gives by modeling your business network and incorporate all existing business transactions and data.

What is the role of Surmountsoft?

At Surmountsoft, We focus on agile, secure, scalable that will help you in setting up enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment via Hyperledger platforms and development tools. Our team will assist you in defining a model by creating a Business network definition which includes all rules:

Logic and functions of your business model

Deploy the network on Hyperledger platform

create and execute smart contracts that can precisely start you off on a Blockchain network

Right from building the code till managing the roadmap, Surmountsoft will extend its support and help you transform the way your business transactions can happen in a global way.

 Development Process

The product development process is articulated and broken down in many different ways, many of which often include the following phases/stages:


Defined Requirements Specification

Set of activities employed before the more formal and well-defined requirements specification is completed. 

Requirements speak to what the product should do or have, at varying degrees of specificity, in order to meet the perceived market or business need.


High-level and Detailed-level Design

Product design is the development of both the high-level and detailed-level design of the product: which turns in wireframing the requirements into a particular product (UI&UX).

Composing the 2 parts of the Apps or web, the engineering design process,  and the aesthetic aspects of design.


Product implementation with Agile

It refers to stages of detailed engineering development and design (Agile Development Process), as well as test process that may be used to validate that the prototype actually meets all design specifications that were established.


Testing to get the Product Ready

During product development, companies need to determine their product's readiness for release. This process takes place after you have spent time learning your market's problems, building a solution and testing the product, it's time to determine whether that product is ready for release.

Cloudgenietech is a global consulting company offering solutions, ready to analyze and work on your requirements and help you familiarize with the possibilities of Blockchain technology to meet your business specifications. Our skilful expertise in Blockchain development will introduce you to the technology