Cloud Applications & Platforms

Businesses are no longer carried on the way they used to be. Cloud computing is here to change the way we used to trade. Salesforce is a solution developed to increase sales more than what used to be provided by conventional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The tools and services provided by Salesforce are designed to turn a business into a social media driven enterprise where everyone right from employees, vendors and customer are knitted together in a transparent and faster platform where no software or hardware is needed bring the stakeholders together and helping a business to function more efficiently than ever. Consulting

Salesforce companies are providing consulting and integration of salesforce services and solutions. The companies have various teams of experts excels in expeditious and immediate employment of complex business requirements spread across the complete range of licenses and editions offered by The ever changing and more challenging business requirements are met by the ongoing and constant support that satisfies their needs. The reliable services are rendered that help to maximize your business investments. Implementation

Salesforce is integrated with marketing management, customer services, quoting and related critical systems by proven integration tools by expert staff. The comprehensive services make it possible to transform the functions and operations of your company efficiently. These implementations help you to convert the way you engage with customers, partners, employees and even prospects. Development

Force. Com helps in achieving extremely potent and dynamic cloud computing solutions. It qualifies ISVs in developing products at faster pace by keeping the cost low comparatively to conventional software platforms. The provision of immune and sheltered solutions helps in the management of data and offers out of box security controls that take care of user validation and authentication. Sites Development is a platform for designing and developing applications for the social establishment. The sites and applications are user-experience driven and are highly systematic, personalized and easy to integrate. The website assistance includes content management, database management, site hosting, network and servers management. The services let you build data rich, user friendly site with more intuitive development platforms.