CloudGenie offers the client server portfolio that speeds up the development and the app performance through our Salesforce Lightning Services We offer the exciting tools for the developers that help you to build customer user interface visually and quickly without code. Our lightening services include lightening component framework and related exciting and interesting tools. Salesforce lightening helps in developing easy, responsive and compatible applications for any device. We offer lightening with a variety of technologies like:

1. To promote and accelerate the development our lightening components provide a client server framework. This helps in improving the app performance and is appropriate and ideal to use. The lightning services are also compatible with Salesforce 1 mobile applications and Salesforce lightning experience.

2. CloudGenie has a lightening app builder that helps you to empower yourself in the world of available lightening components. You can build your own apps visually. These apps can be created very quickly with the use of off-the-shelf and individually customized lightning components. Custom user interface can be created by the administrators without the code.

CloudGenie helps you effortlessly customize and deploy new applications to mobile devices that are running salesforce1. Both salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce lightning experience are created with lightning experience. We have our very own standalone lightning apps as well as custom lightning components. We also help you package distribute applications and components.

Out of Box Component Set:

We have out of the box ideas and a set of components that we deliver with event-driven architecture and framework upgraded for effective performance. You can kick start your business building apps. Our lightning components spend all the required time on the different devices with our out of box lightning components.

Rich Component Association:

The availability of business ready components in Salesforce 1, lightning experience and communities is assured by our expert and professional team. CloudGenie customizes lightning experience or communities by using drag-and-drop components in the lightning app builder or community builder. We also provide additional components for your org at your disposal to be used with other users.


We deliver server architecture that relies on the client side to manage UI component and application data. Our clients call the server whenever it is necessary. The desired data is sent on time and quickly to the user to maximize efficiency. Our framework very intelligently uses your server, network, devices and browser and this helps in the easy and smooth functioning of your logic and interactions of your apps.

Event Driven Architecture:

CloudGenie has the expertise in using event-driven architecture for smooth and efficient functioning of components. You can subscribe the needed component to any application event of their choice.

Unending Progress:

CloudGenie salesforce lightning services helps in attaining the empowerment that is required to work faster and very efficiently. We build an app with components to facilitate parallel design by improving overall development efficiency. You get a public platform for your customers and consumers and a private internal platform for your personal use. These two different appearances give you the freedom to change the internal implementation and detailing whenever it is required.

Cross Browser Compatibility:

CloudGenie offers the support of applications that are responsive and are specifically designed for an enjoyable user experience. We have the lightning component framework that supports the latest browser technology.

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