The information faced by customers must be integrated with internal applications to provide unwavering and ingenious user experience. Combined content management and workflow procedures and activities are given steady and sustainable access to data sources through Salesforce Integration Services We undertake applications with effective solutions to integrate ERP, CRM and related applications for frictionless progress your business with salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Services
Data Migration

Data Migration:

Growth of a business leads to the growth of its vital information which they generate and store. Therefore, businesses opt for reliable customer relationship management software for its management. Data migration is important, making it indispensable for businesses to have appropriate tools to do so. CloudGenie offers a dependable CRM solution to manage, share, search and organize content within an organization, accelerating your work productivity.

On Demand:

CloudGenie offers required tools that substantially benefit an organization in helping its data management. Services like customization and proper implementation, instant CRM power-start, business intelligence and data related solutions are rendered. Ours is the on demand platform for the next level of business applications which regenerate conventional customization and integration, enabling a product that encourages a better client and server computing.

Cloud Computing Service
Salesforce Analytics Analytics:

Get exact information of your business with CloudGenie analytics and forecast services. The accurate progress graph helps the executives, employees, managers to have an insight to take smart business moves and promote future sales. The comprehensive security system generates an early warning for possible problems.

Salesforce Lightning:

The innovative lightning experience with updated features that let you pull in data across salesforce. Salesforce lightning experience is completely reframed experience with a bundle of powerful new features like email enhancements and multiple account sharing , track repairs, maintenance services, creating fast work orders from any case, managing complex assets, scheduling and dispatching work, managing and monitoring in real time.

Salesforce lightning Experience
Salesforce 1 as a Customer Platform

Salesforce 1:

CloudGenie provides Salesforce 1 as customer platform that helps you connect your apps, devices and customer data. Salesforce 1 is proved to be a single platform customized for satisfying the needs of hyper-connected world of clients. Advanced and intuitive services of salesforce 1 technology entitles clients to resolve cases quickly and cost effectively by materializing practical insights, indentifying relevant experts and focusing related resources.

Salesforce Customer Community and Partner Community:

CloudGenie helps you build best engagement experiences through a success plan that provides quick and easy access to web support and community based best practices to resolve complex issues. The plan includes enhanced training, success resources and support while using community cloud.

Salesforce Customer Community
Outsource Product Development

Outsource Product Development:

Extended services are rendered for outsourcing of all activities for the progress and maintenance of a product. CloudGenie proves to be the preferred outsourced product development partner for product companies and startups worldwide. We provide quick and sustainable solutions for outsourced product development and custom application development that help you upkeep amongst emerging technologies on the web, cloud and mobile.

Offshore Maintenance:

CloudGenie offers Offshore Cloud Computing Solutions that impeccably integrate with your existing facilities and ensure professional progress. Our dedicated offshore services are ideal response to your outsourcing needs and essentials. Skillful professionals offer a well documented strategy with absolute commitment to assist you in partial or complete administration and maintenance.

Offshore Maintenance

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