CloudGenie offers Cloud Consulting and Assessment services to serve and assist you business to install and adopt cloud technologies. Our Cloud Management and Operations services offer complete range of services and tools for the quick and easy transition to cloud. CloudGenie also offers Cloud Migration Services by involving proper strategies that enable companies to migrate to clouds and within the clouds for various business benefits. The Cloud Computing Solutions that CloudGenie offers include IT Infrastructure, and software and platform development. The cloud for IT professionals is the extended capacity to the existing space. IT components know cloud services as programming languages, networking, software and services. CloudGenie delivers cloud services to firms and organizations on-demand, on time and on subscription basis. Cloud computing services are in the form of :-

Cloud Computing Solutions

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service:

To deploy and redistribute equipments and resources organizations are offered IaaS. IaaS helps them to expand servers, storage and networking to create balanced and content services and networks. Your organization can decide to rent out the IaaS services on basis that suit you the most. IaaS services are a must in today’s world so the challenge that is usually faced by the organizations is about the variety of choices they get in the market. To choose you have to see the distinguishing features of the cloud provider that revolve around management and services. Monitoring tools and functioning along with efficient services and management is what CloudGenie offers with compatible service agreements and customer support.

PaaS – Platform as a Service:

PaaS shifts the specific aspects of your system management to service provider. It is exceptionally designed for the software developers with the focus on streamlining the existing applications. The pre-configured components are used to develop programming languages web and mobile applications. CloudGenie offers data storage options along with programming languages and server based technologies. We also take care of developer tools and application integration that integrates your application with other applications.

SaaS – Software as a Service:

Through CloudGenie you get on-demand applications that are delivered at your door steps to minimize administration and maintenance cost. The applications that we offer are attended and managed by your service provider. The payment module can be selected on the subscription basis. We provide free and compatible access with improved collaboration, cooperation and communication.

CloudGenie is a Cloud Service Provider that offers comprehensive services like networking and storage capacities and work like virtual machines. Our support structures offer the development environments with climbable resources. We offer on site as well as off site cloud services. Our hybrid cloud model serves all your requirements very effectively.

You can evaluate the top Cloud Computing Solutions with our IaaS, PaaS, SaaS as we offer you a through guidance to study the key considerations, possible risks and related positive as well as negative triggers. You can analyze our offer and can select the best, unbiased and progressive solution for your beneficial upturn of your organization.

CloudGenie is a leading platform for cloud computing services for small as well as bog businesses. We exploit all our capacities to move upwards in collaboration with our associates. We mix power with our easy to use network services. We are community vendors with strong ties with our clients.

We provide basic IaaS, PaaS, SaaS but with we have different features and interface. With the above said services we provide effective change in your business and management with more stability. CloudGenie also makes sure that your organization is persistent and sound for adapting the positive changes for the progress of your organization. We ensure that our partners enter into the hybrid cloud computing networks with security and compliance.

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